Facebook Status 2: Poem for the day

boundaries and limits can be crossed and this is dangerous information. i’m corralled into boundaries, i know i have limits that i cannot, should not cross. i did something this afternoon and i crossed over a boundary and pushed beyond a limitation. what happened to me? i became more wild. i lost a bit of my civilization. so what then is this limited body and mind. if when i was in the chair and i forced myself to move without it, i was crawling on my belly on the earth, on the floor, on the pavement…with all the other beasts, a beast myself. if i abandoned the words i was painfully and forceably taught, if i did not look you in the eye when i spoke, and clawed up the table and pinched my arms while in stuttering conversation with you…ive crossed my boundary of not being able to talk to you at all, and what did you see? an animal. and you are correct, the animal is what i am, and i have gone wild, like a mad horse. now, that i cannot pull your plow, will you shoot me?




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