d.a. levy, a close friend of my father, influenced my whole childhood with his poetry. He is not an easy read for materialists or hive minds. Conflicted and dancing with reality, d.a. picks the marrow from the bone, and says what many of us woke Clevelanders wish we could say.

Least Bittern Books

& everyday i sit here
trying to become one of you
after another
trying on those high school dreams
for size
it doesnt work
you dont fit me

as a poet i try to learn
how to remain human
despite technology
& there is no one to learn from
i am still too young to
be quiet and contemplative

i dont want to become a golden ager
cowering before the tube in religious awe

businessmen and amphetamine ego trips
telling me about their latest coup
i visit churches & temples & ask questions
& i am handed some meaningless book
or pamphlet
it seems as if there is no one
to answer my questions but me

a hideous responsibility
with worse implications

my peer group?

goodbye television
im going back inside my head

d.a. levy was a poet who published handmade books and mags and got his poems in a…

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