Hilary Krzywkowski Flexer Cleveland Heights, OH poet and artist

Least Bittern Books


after hours

i will not live forever.
i will go in the morning
after i have stayed up the whole night
after i watched the sky conclude its rites
and the moth, the cricket
and all the peeping, creeping things
have covered themselves over with leaves and dirt.

i will wait for a bit of time,
for the city to collapse
so i can take one last picture
before closing up into eternity with you,
my precious ones, who i have lived to die with.

i do not want eternity with my saddened, disillusioned mind
and i do not want eternity with enlightenment.
i will wait the second or two for you to join me
in this place
where the blackness is a rainbow

–Hilary Krzywkowski Flexer


My thumbprint is rather uneventful–
an island
an estuary
shape of arousal.
My youngest–
hers is an actual whorl
a circle spiraling…

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