My First Graphic Novel

The Artisanal, Cage-Free Human


I want to write about why I think someone may be interested in reading this book. I’ll stick to just 5 reasons:

  1. Its purposeful arrangement has a strong Jungian influence. Dreams, stories, journal entries, poetry and writings from the author and others, sketches and paintings, Emails, and comics appearing out of chronological order hatch out the psychological journey of an abused and traumatized autistic mother of an autistic child. 
  2. The copious amount of artwork tells its own story apart from the written words.
  3. It gives a candid account of life as an immigrant in a country that’s in the midst of civil war.
  4. It may cause the reader to look at dreams, death, birth, and parenthood differently. 
  5. It will dispel myths about mothers WITH autism, and misconceptions about folks with autism in general, while providing an account of how women and mothers with autism are treated. (It may offer validation to…

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