Disability March/Women March on Washington

I had wanted to physically march in Cleveland since it was beyond any of my means to make it to Washington DC. I couldn’t march in Cleveland, but, I did find the Disability March, for citizens who because of physical and mental circumstances could not make it out. This is going up on my WordPress today, the day of the march. Please, follow the link back to the main page to see all of the other protesters, hear the stories, and stay up -to -date with future projects.


Disability March

I have never before felt a sense of urgency as I do now. The possibility for constructive social change is palpable and it’s in the process of manifesting in our collective actions which bespeak of a readiness to unify and support one another as a National body–as beautiful, as it’s vision is compassionate, unwavering and strong. I come from a lineage of human beings who have fought and sacrificed their lives for civil liberties across the globe– from Eastern Europe, The Middle East, and North America.
Rather than succumb to the feelings of failure and shame in my body that is unable to withstand the physical conditions of this historical moment, where our civil liberties, human rights, and future hang in the balance, I choose to unite alongside my comrades in cyberspace alongside everyone else seeking a full life in dignity, free from oppression. Now, as we’ve always done, we…

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