Precariat! a game about getting by, together

This is game looks amazing. I can’t wait to get one!

Harry Giles

Precariat Cover 1

It never gets easier. Each month more unbearable than the last. Last couple of hours you’ve been trying to make a room of suits, people supposedly paying for your expertise, actually listen to you. You don’t have a lot in the fridge — some dried pasta, sauces, nothing actually fresh — there’s damp in your room, and you haven’t created anything in weeks; your flat is so cold that your hands go numb unless you wrap yourself in blankets as you work.

But, you think, smile creeping onto your face as key slides into lock, I live with some bloody rad people. Meike and Ali: people who make you feel good about who you are, make you feel human, alive. Work is shit, you’re not sure if you can make rent this month, but you’re not alone.

Tonight you’ll party. You’ll invite some friends, cook tasty food…

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