11 Tips for Job Seekers on the Autism Spectrum from an Autistic

We need a reminder from time to time, especially when we’ve tried exceedingly to arrive at success with our goals, but nothing seems to be working out. Well written.

Everyday Aspie

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 3.34.44 PM #DifferentBetter is a neurodiversity campaign by ULTRA Testing celebrating our differences.

11 Tips for Job Seekers on the Autism Spectrum from an Autistic  by Samantha Craft, M.Ed.

At the 2016 Autistics Present Conference in the state of Washington, USA, hosted by Bellevue College, a member of the Microsoft Autism Inclusive Hiring Panel stated that he was “afraid to take the next step of finding a job” because of “lots of fears and anxieties.” As a result he “took lots of low paying jobs.” As an autistic job recruiter, working for a technology company that provides work opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum, and as an educator and advocate active in the autism community in America, I’ve come in contact with hundreds of working-age autistics who have faced similar employment challenges. A large percentage of job seekers on the autism spectrum (some sources estimate upwards of 85%) are either…

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