“Faces”: A New Project In The Works



Help an Autistic Learn About Emotions:

Pretty pleeeeease send me selfies of your most expression-ful face. Preference given to those that are candid and ‘real’. I want some silly, some while you’re crying (yes, gimme a sad and rage or grief infused selfie—I dont judge), pleasure (any kind of pleasure nothing is taboo) some messy and unprimped, some primped. You get the idea…

IM GONNA DO MORE PAINTED PORTRAITS! (and help myself in the process)

If I use your selfie, you get a copy of your portrait for participating.

In case if you’re wondering what I’m doing with all these portraits. I’m painting my emotional world. If you’re on my Facebook friends list, then you are special to me in some way, each of you are unique and wonderful. I’m healing myself through painting you, and you’ve given me a gift. One difficulty (a deficit) of mine is not being able to look at the face of someone sitting in front of me. I am not able to make sustained eye contact because it literally hurts and can cause overwhelm of emotional states and even physical sensations, and on rare occasions, be the last straw that puts me into meltdown. Through this project I am studying the face and learning about emotions. I’m using your face– the faces of people I care about, love and or like. I’m hoping I will discover techniques that will allow me to come closer to people in a physical and emotional way. So a big thank you to all who lent me their visage and for those who I will paint (it helps me feel less creepy if I have your permission to do it). Also, I may catalog all these for use in a public project for autism advocacy in which I’ll ask your permission.

Here’s the video that talks a bit about this. Please excuse the odd language and scatter brain, I was talking my thoughts out to David and trying to articulate what is in my head (may have done a poor job of it). The good thing is, there will be more to come.


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