My Thoughts On Facebook Posts About the GOP Healthcare Bill

Ok. Americans hate weeds so I will use weeds as my example for how pushing for medical transparency and health coverage in tandem is vital (but that tasty bit is at the conclusion of my soliloquy). This may not be the best written several paragraphs, but it is where my thoughts are drifting at present. And yeah, I’m talking to myself.

If physicians aren’t allowed to disclose to patients complete toxicology results that would otherwise explain long bouts of illness where blood tests come up negative for certain explainable autoimmune diseases such as Lupus and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or neurological maladies like seizures and MS, for example, that share symptoms of pesticide poisoning or lead poisoning, mercury or uranium poisoning (as in the case of the public health on reservations where uranium is mined, example: the Navajo), how can they possibly deliver accurate and competent healthcare to Americans covered by medicaid or private insurance? Physicians are forced to either go out on a limb and stretch their findings to produce a diagnosis for a disease the patient may not actually have, or ignore substantial physical findings and write up a psychiatric diagnosis like ‘somatization disorder’ in order to explain why the debilitating symptoms persist though the blood work remains ‘inconclusive’…(In other words it is dismissed as mental illness and there’s more gaslighting of the patient)… If there are lockdowns on the EPA, what makes you think there aren’t lockdowns on medical research and information sharing? 

( Before I go into the next paragraph, I confess that ethical physicians do in fact exist, but they are outnumbered by those with hidden interests. Those physicians who’ve spoken out either faced harassment from peers or lost licensure). 

The great health insurance coverage debacle as it is presented (and ruminated on Facebook) is not only a distraction from the pressing issues I just mentioned, but it’s also taking the focus away from the fact that there are physicians who spin double profit– pharmaceutical company perks and contracts in which doctors who sign on glean rewards for pushing trial or brand name drugs on certain populations and demographics of patients, many of whom are covered through gov’t/ taxpayer subsidized health insurance aka medicaid and medicare. What money isn’t mopped up through tax-funded business perks, is gleaned from extraneous diagnostics for diseases that aren’t actually present. One example of how insurance funds are harvested from patients: Obstetric care, pregnancy and childbirth. This is a ripe example only because the homebirth movement decades in the making, has been able to produce dozens upon dozens of peer reviewed papers authored by seasoned, veteran midwives with degrees in biology and chemistry that prove the danger of the most commonplace medical ‘interventions’ (which produce very generous payouts to OBs) that have statistically shown to increase maternal and infant mortality rate, not lower it. This is the health ‘coverage’ we fight for? This is why medical transparency must exist with medical coverage. Note: I don’t have time in this post to discuss the challenges those of us with disability face in all this considering that our healthcare isn’t only necessary for immediate survival, but is the main source of funding for our therapies, assistive devices, and supports in education and employment. 

So if any of this evokes the incredulous wrath of the liberal and conservative gods of fascist empire and/ or a better example needs furnished, I’ll give over my weed/ invasive plant analogy. (And no, I do not feel comfortable proving or substantiating my thoughts and concerns by divulging a long list of medical diagnoses and health conditions.)

When any mainstream American wants to rid their lawn of an invasive plant they go straight for Roundup. They buy the stuff, douse several applications on the lawn over a period of time and watch the weeds just disappear. What they don’t realize, is that the ecosystem is altered drastically by this method, and it doesn’t necessarily fix the problem of the invasive plant— the chemical cocktail must be applied regularly in order to work, and then you have the issue of wind dispersal of seeds from neighboring ‘organic lawns’. With invasive plants there is almost always one root structure as in the case of knotweed, or taproots which can be very hard to kill.

 A gardener needs to be down on their knees and with some elbow grease and effort, dig out the roots. Or in the case of knotweed, ivy and other vining plants, pull up the root system entirely, expose it on the top soil to be dried up and killed by the sun. Then, after the root system has been unearthed and dried up, it can be rolled up and put in a separate bag (lest it be composted and possibly regenerate from any living remnants) to be disposed of properly. And of course, the area from where the root system was pulled, must be monitored for at least a year afterwards. This is how you naturally rid your yard of ivy. It is a lot of work, but worth it, if it exists in a place in your yard ecosystem that is causing imbalance, or, if you wish to grow food. 

See all this mental imagery as fertile bedrock for your own conclusions on the many emergencies our country faces in this period. It is going to take a lot of elbow grease and diligence if you want to protect the health of your society’s pollinators. So get to organizing amongst yourselves, start projects in your communities and preserve ecosystems and all their respective life forms. Cultivate balance and there will be plenty for all of us.

Instructions on how to apply Roundup:
Pollinator health, crops, and Roundup:
Natural weed and ivy removal: 
Birth practice safety:
Maternal Death in the United States:
“ 2]. The full extent of human poisonings from pesticides and agricultural chemicals, however, is difficult to define in the USA because there is no comprehensive national system designed specifically for tracking health effects associated with agricultural chemical exposures [3–5]. An analysis of occupational pesticide illness data in California found that the number of reported cases was likely an undercount due to factors such as physician misdiagnosis and workers not seeking or not having access to health care [6].” 
For more, hit up research gate, a cornucopia of information from peer reviewed papers:
and lastly, this gem: “What your doctor won’t disclose” by Leana Wen—
This is something else worth looking at:  H.R.1313 – Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act 

Click HERE to view this proposed bill. (screen shot of it below)

 look at this detail

 and there is more, but you need to read over the bill carefully, clicking on links to ammendments.

AND AS ALWAYS, research news for yourself . Examine these documents and papers…..

Here’s some interesting screenshots of forums and news headlines: (side note: Why doesn’t Anonymous do something extremely useful and hack these exclusive, password protected doctors-only forums? What good is a mere list of porn sites visited by congressmen and their contact info? Let us have a bit of a look-see at the personal details of the Gatekeepers of Life and Death to track where and what health coverage funding goes towards.) We demand tax records from Congressmen but none from top-paid physicians and Big Pharma CEOs? Meh, just a quirky, non-sensical thought… I guess. 



    • I love the wildlife in my urban yard. We get friendly (tame!) deer moving through here, bunnies, racoons, all manner of birds, skunks and groundhogs. The next street over there are beehives and we got lots of bees polinating vegetables and flowers in our ‘overgrown’ but beautiful yard. We get garlic mustard, wild amaranth and knotweed which we eat! My spouse is an herbalist and takes us on trips to wild harvest herbs for medicine.


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