Neurodivergent parents – You are enough! [Video post]

I needed to see this! I am so happy to have found Briannon. Being an autistic parent is challenging, moreso because of other parents’ judgements. Finding other autistic/neurodiverse parents is crucial, especially since every. single. member. of. my. household. has some type/presentation/expression of neurodiversity.

Briannon Lee

I often struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a parent, and with frustrations at the ways my neurodivergence bumps up against my children’s needs and society’s expectations of me as a mother. I can’t easily go grocery shopping or do the washing. I get panicked taking my children to group social activities that I didn’t plan. Creating routines my kids might want is incongruent with the way my brain works.

I give myself a really hard time some days about the way that I parent.

I’ve noticed recently in laughing with friends about our quirks, and reassuring and supporting others, that this feeling of inadequacy is common. In lieu of a blog post, I popped outside to try my hand at sending you a message via video.

If  it resonates, I’m offering you my solidarity and wishes for gentler days for you.

I’m hoping as my courage grows, that I can share more of myself this way…

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