“I accept myself”: thinking about “autism awareness”

This past weekend, Jason’s Connection published an artwork of mine along with my musings on autism awareness and what autism acceptance means to me. I write a bit about the puzzle piece symbol, and take on a new one to represent myself. Here is an excerpt from the full article:

… I’m so many interconnected and interlinked things–some of them paradoxical–that I could never be likened to a puzzle piece…

I am more like the infinity symbol– I have specialized interests and abilities, my passion and love for which infuses my body and mind with vitality. These hold limitless depth and breadth. My imagination, my mind is endless, and in fact, there is no beginning to any of it either. My physical, mental experiences and self perception form a unified identity which loops back around into itself. Thusly, my neurology is a complete and fluid circuit, it is balanced in its own proportions– not a wayward, clearly-defined-by-its-broken-shape puzzle piece.

An infinity symbol made up of the full spectrum rainbow of color

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