When the world is standing against you – Mickey McNulty

Briannon Lee

Know that you love your child. Even if you don’t understand everything about them, know that you love them and that is enough. Acceptance takes time.

Wow! I was moved when I read the words sent through by Mickey McNulty in response to Ayman Eckford’s questions for LGBTQIA Autistics. Mickey writes with empathy for parents and a strength that comes when you have survived the challenges of coming out as queer and autistic. Thank you Mickey, I hope your words resonate with our neuroqueer friends as much as parents who need to read them.

So, my child is autistic. Will their experiences be different from the experiences of cis hetero autistic children or neurotypical queer teens? What should I consider?

Your Queer Autistic child’s experience will be very different from a cis hetero Autistic person or a Queer NT’s experience. A lot of the Queer scene is going to clubs and drinking. That sounds…

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