An article by Brandon Williams on the intersections of Autism, DD with HIV/AIDS.

Here is an excerpt–
“I would ask the Doctor if he could get some of the main players I the autism sector to 1) advocate for appropriation sexual health/ HIV information and training that meets the needs of folks with autism and 2) work with the AIDS Bureau to ensure there is an understanding of the prevalence of folks with autism living with HIV and their increased risks for HIV.

Although I agree, I am here hoping to achieve that, I think a better response would be achieved if both the HIV and the DD communities asked the government together. The cost of an Autism Diagnosis is $2500. The cost of one life time for the care of a person living with HIV is $1 600 000.00 if we just prevent one life from infection that is good money that could be use for Autism.

‘Summary A more prominent role is needed for mental health interventions in global HIV/AIDS initiatives – such as the World Health Organization 3’ by 5′ Initiative. Significant numbers of infected people have, or develop, mental health problems, and this often adversely impacts on HIV/AIDS treatment and adherence. Integrating psychiatric and psychosocial interventions should benefit both the mental and the physical health of people living with HIV/AIDS.’”

for more, here is the link:


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