Goodbye Ohio

“West With The Night”,  2017.  Stylus on Ipad

if living was ever about tearing down
rip away a body from the membrane
of what a community is not
and carry it upon itself
like a pallbearer delivering a prince
to his banquet,

if unpacking a house
giving away possessions
preparing for an incognito procession
out of the city lights that crisped insanity like toast
so i could flake off all the black fake stuff with a butter knife
looks like hope,

if looking at a van packed full of all my worth–
children, stuffed animals, clothing and provisions,
whose idling motor resembles the sound of an entranced
heart of darkness spilling light onto the walk
as you go back through the back door
to make sure we left the keys on the table,

means relinquishing the dead, because
we’ve buried ourselves
forty years into a sleep
bedded in linens of dreams
fears like down in the pillows
wacked by children in the mockery of war

then we are half way to home
the caravan rolling on
a distant horizon line
a camp, a shoreline, a forest–
anywhere with us

— “Nomadic” from The Amazing Invisible Human by Hilary Krzywkowski,                        copyright 2017


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