On Philosophizing 

Rodin’s “The Thinker” * The Cleveland Museum of Art Collections

What are the conditions that transform a fool into a philosopher?

Does one philosophize in an attempt to make their surroundings more habitable? To Comfort, to agitate oneself into rebellion or complacency to governing powers with or notwithstanding the presence of a functioning society?

Does one philosophize to construct an image, a likeness of which to attribute a doctrine, a guidepost, or compass to lead them– an autopilot control for the vehicle of the mind which functions to keep the brain from being aware of its own sentience?

Does a person, once fallen all the way to the bottom end of Life, have only the Mind left as companion? Such people are seen as having lost their mind–

is this is the cost of having become one with it?
– – – –
* “The Thinker”


“I conceived of another thinker, a naked man crouched on a rock against which his feet are clenched. Fist pressed against his teeth, he thinks. The fertile thought develops slowly in his brain. He is no longer a dreamer, but a creator.”

for more about the iconic sculpture, click here


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