Return of the Ableist Narrative: Why do We Keep Having to Demand Food Accessibility

I remember this viral post from Facebook– I think it was a year ago. I have difficulty peeling oranges because of my double jointed fingers cause much pain whenever I apply too much pressure to my fingertips or have to bend my fingers a certain way, like what happens when I attempt to open a jar. I also see more and more these days, the environmental community bringing up ‘anecdotes’ from the daily realities of disabled people (and more than a few are gross generalizations that cause me to wonder what basis in fact they actually have) to support an argument for why a product, particular public space infrastructure, etc, is harmful to the planet. But—enough from me— Excellent post, so I of course, am re-posting!


A little over a year ago a tweet went viral.

Image Description: tweet with a picture of peeled oranges in plastic containers on a grocery store (whole foods) shelf. Tweet reads “If only nature could find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them”

This tweet had everything it needed to go viral. It featured a picture of a product that was perceived to have no real use and to be extremely wasteful. It was paired with catchy sarcastic commentary. It’s no wonder that not only did the tweet go viral. It sparked many articles condemning the environmental impact of plastic and what was perceived as a particularly egregious example of…

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