“Sounds like you’re desperate to be visible but ok” (On Liminal Identity, the *opposite* of “passing privilege,” Anecdotal Narrative, and the inadequacy of modern Social Justice Discourse)

F*cking Woman Up And Grow One

19554830_236090770232843_6026168104288032411_n The Anecdotalist: if a person’s anecdotal narrative doesn’t align with Systemic narrative, do they still exist?

I’m going to lose friends for this post.
Regardless of how I preface, suffix, and buffer it with as much context, dimension, and dissection as I possibly can, I am going to lose friends for this post.

But in the spirit of not being A Defeatist, I implore you to read the following preface.  If you find your fists balling and knuckles whitening in reaction to some of what I have to say further below, I hope the following will help loosen your hands.

  • I absolutely, positively, undoubtedly benefit from my privileges: I’m white, able-bodied, income-earning, and, to be explicitly discussed in this post: Cisgender, Heterosexual, and Christian. While I will be discussing the loopholes, nuances, and complexities of said privileges, in no way or sense am I denying that they exist and…

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