EYES * WIDE * OPEN, pt. 1

This is an inaugural blog in an open-ended series that involves sensitive subject matter, the sort that gets blocked out in daily conversation, about the matters in daily life that the general consensus would rather avoid in one way or another.

I want this series to relate to ethnicity, political bodies, personal reflections, culture, identity, and more. I will try to cover the topics as they arise monthly, and generate content that fits in with that monthly theme.

This month kicks off with a draft of what looks to be a doctoral thesis which I read last year. This well-researched paper was written by Sagit Mor from the University of Haifa in Israel. It has to do with Zionism and Disability, namely, the hierarchies of disability and collective Israeli ethic and public policy.

I had to read this paper in installments– it was emotionally jarring as I and innumerable other queer and disabled Jews have experiences within our culture as ‘flawed’ Jews and with how the world sees us through the lens of Zionism (indiscriminately?). It puts our treatment into a perspective that I can work with, in understanding the myriad of ways my gender and disabled body is seen.

I’d like to write more on this topic especially from my own experience as an immigrant to Israel with a ‘failed’ Aliyah and what was so enlightening about the whole ordeal. Hopefully, in March I can post that.

Timing is everything.

Currently, as I write this, the 2017 Inclusion Summit is going on in Boston, MA, made possible by the Ruderman Family Foundation. I been closely following the speakers and topics via social media and begun to gestate ideas for content in keeping with the theme of disability in the Jewish community, disability in Israel, Jewish disability— attitudes, action, culture, and lifestyle.

BUT, for now, here are excerpts from the article with a link to the full piece at the end.


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