About Me & This Blog

A cage-free life, a life in which a human is free to craft themselves through trials and errors, through highs and lows, through instrospection, personal work and meaningful participation in community with autonomy, is the life of a person outside of “the” Institution. It is owning [valuing] all of oneself and manifesting what one has to give to the world.

Recovering the things we treasure most about ourselves from the damage incurred from the consequences of harmful choices, acts of god, abuses, tragedies, and other circumstances out of our control with dignity while retaining our idenities [or forming new ones], is what I think most of us hope to achieve when we wish to heal ourselves and reembark on our respective Life paths.

I scrapbook through my highs and lows. I scrawl psychic work on the margins, doodle in my hopes and fears. I’m resourceful with all the stuff Life throws at me, because, what other choice have I got?

So, I see that I can blog. A good choice.

* * *

I’m an Autist, and an Artist, and a Musician, and a Writer, and a Parent, and a Partner, and a Friend, and a Child, and a Survivor, and a Cripple. I’m in recovery from trauma and poverty. I’m chronically ill. I live with suffering.

I’m impermanent. I’m nomadic– a sojourner. I create beauty. I create community. I create my future. I also have a stake in the future of our world.


I don’t blog with a resume– the art and writing speak for itself.