Refusing To Fight (or Self Advocate): The Consequence

From my own experience functioning within the Autistic versus Allistic extended family dynamic- Autistics with their own families are prone to get hung up on the naïve romanticization and idealization of the value of extended family bonds, which are exploited by abusers who, in truth, care nothing about family. Our quiet, pensive, and reclusive nature …

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5 ways to meet neurodivergent children’s needs without using behaviour modification strategies.

Michelle Sutton

You can listen to this article by clicking here (link will open in a new window). Many thanks to Alex of The NeurodiveCast for recording this article.

In my article “Behaviour Management” I said,

There is a different way to support change in a child’s behaviour than imposing our own will over theirs. It begins with letting go of the temptation to manage behaviours, and replace it with the goal of meeting needs.

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